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Meet the Team

Our staff is comprised of avid Magic players, eager to provide Magic tournaments that are designed for the players.


Joshua Gidcumb

Tournament Organizer

Coordinates tournaments and finalizes the fine details of the events.

Call/Text: 828-550-4025

I've been a red player since the Theros block. I'm always looking for ways to lower lifetotals and push the boundaries of what is possible. I'm a constant deck tinkerer - always looking to optimize my EDH decks. Above all, my primary objective in games is to see players have fun playing to the extent of their ability. I want to make sure my tournaments provide a fun environment and memorable experience for everyone.

Christian Ruiz

Vendor and Graphics Manager

Manages AGL's inventory and supply chain as well as collation of images for advertising and branding.

Call/Text: 828-384-5649

I have a strong drive to make one of the best tournaments for a format I love. I believe I help the team with my depth of knowledge on the format along with being a player since 2016. EDH was the first format I officially fell in love with and have been playing since. I also have a bit of a competitive streak in my personality which is what initially drew me to CEDH, and since I started playing around 2019 have grown to love it along side casual EDH. I very much want to hear opinions on how we as a gaming league can improve tournaments for this specific format!


Jared Ackerman

Assistant Tournament Organizer

Connects vendors and other businesses with our events.

Call/Text: 828-333-0781

I've been playing EDH for about a year but Magic as a whole on and off since 7th edition. After coming back I felt there was a gap between what players want and what stores provide. And that's how this came to fruition. We want to give more and do more for players than anyone ever has and encourage game stores to do the same. I'm here to make sure players are always Number One.

Drew Thompson

Rules Advisor

Resolves and interprets rulings and maintains game integrity during tournament play.

I’ve been playing Magic since 2014 and EDH since 2015. Expression is extremely important to me as a person, which is why I have delved deeply into this format since then, from all the wacky card choices and technical aspects of the game. The Appalachia Gaming League approached me and asked me to become one of their Rules Advisors, as I am starting my journey to become an official Judge. I hope to make sure that our events run as smoothly as possible and as few hiccups as possible.

drew standing.png

Jacob Arford

Assistant Vendor

Hey, I'm Jake! I got into Magic during original Theros block and found out about EDH shortly after. I've always seen Magic as a social outlet and form of self-expression rather than a game. I would call my the living embodiment of a "Johnny" as my favorite way to play EDH is to find cool ways to win with more niche commanders. I'm just happy to give a space for other players to do the same!

Contributes supply to AGL's inventory and assists with on-event vending.


Alex Wallace

Web Design

Keeps up with current company developments and makes sure to update all relevant portions of online media properties owned by AGL.

Being a part of AGL has been a much needed change of pace in my life for the better. My friends' kitchen table Magic banter of starting a tournament organization sprang from the severe lack of prize support for cEDH tournaments held in WNC, and just in general. Our group has always welcomed proxies so as to not limit our ourselves due to the secondary market and allow for optimized deckbuilding, which reflects in our tournaments being the only EDH tournaments in NC to allow full proxies and offer full prize support. I'm just happy I'm along for the ride!

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