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CEDH Point Structure

  • 75 Minute Rounds
  • 9 Total Rounds
    • 7 Swiss​
    • Cut to top 16
    • Winner from each pod plays for the Champion's Prize!
  • 5 Points for Winning
  • 1 Points for Draws
  • 5 Points for Byes
  • 0 Points for Losses

CEDH Round Structure:

There will be 9 total rounds, the first 7 rounds are Swiss where players are paired with players of similar standings (first round is random). Players will accrue points for 5 rounds and then we will cut to the top 16 players. These players will play in 4 pods and the winner of each will play each other and be honored in The Appalachian Gaming League's Hall of Champions!! 

100% Proxy Friendly

We believe that players should have access to all cards regardless of financial barriers. That is why all of our CEDH tournaments will be 100% proxy friendly! To minimize cheating and discrepancy, we do have some guidelines that are outlined below.

Proxies will be checked at the door.

It is important that proxies do not give players any advantage while shuffling during gameplay. They should feel as close to regular Magic: The Gathering cards as possible; we recommend This site sizes the cards for you and all you have to do is hit print and cut! Just print them onto regular paper and back each one with a regular MTG card in the same sleeve to give it the authentic card feel. 

Some players may proxy cards differently, such as printing straight onto a thicker cardstock-like material or ordering cards from proxy websites. Different styles of proxies are allowed in the same deck as long as there is no discernable difference while shuffling. 

All cards should look like official MTG cards.

CEDH Etiquette

Since CEDH is a multiplayer format and is also not recognized by WOTC there is plenty of grey areas and unwritten rules. While we encourage the "Play-To-Win" mentality, there are some other guidelines and etiquettes that the CEDH community has established. Ourselves, along with our judges will do our best to assess situations as they arise and make calls that align with the spirit of the format.

Our Judges

Judges are the unsung heroes of competitive MTG. Without them, tournaments cannot function. Here we recognize the judges who have aided us and their achievements as judges!

All judges working at our events have the authority to make deck checks, verify proxies, make gameplay calls, and issue warnings. Any call can be appealed to a head judge. 
Head judges have the authority to assign round losses and disqualify players. Head judges have the final say on all decisions and rulings. 

Lindsey "Seth" Carroll


My name is Lindsey “Seth” Carroll and I’m a Level 1 from Spartanburg SC. I’ve been a judge since 2013 and judged everything from a FNM to a Gran Prix and SCG invitational and traveled everywhere up and down the east coast and as far west as Colorado for magic events. I specialize in under 100 player events and have solo judged an 83 person modern RCQ and still ended it ahead of schedule and want to push myself to go bigger and better. I’ll someday move to L2 when time permits it and I take the notion however life has always come first but Magic is my largest passion behind helping others be the best they can be.


Mark Mason

Truffles and Cookie

Mark's Dogs_edited.jpg

Mark Mason


I became a judge after WOTC ended the Rules Advisor program. Who would have guessed that by 2019 WOTC would have ended the judge program as well? Thankfully, players and tournament professors don't concern themselves with the vicissitudes of Hasbro and keep gaming alive. One of those very innovations advanced by players and thoughtful judges has been Tournament tEDH/cEDH. As one of the supporting contributors to the multiplayer Infraction Procedure Guide and the multiplayer Tournament Rules, I am a leader in the format having helped produced the largest U.S. tEDH tournament in 2023.

Kaine Trantham

Kaine has been a level 1 judge for over a decade and has judged a plethora of events at local game stores. 

Kaine was the first judge on our team and helped us get established. 

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