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Our Next Events

More Than Just a Tournament

Our tournaments are more than just that - they are an event. We plan to entertain every person the entire day, even if they aren't playing in the competition. There will be food, drinks, snacks, raffles, DanDan games, on demand draft, on demand cEDH for prizes, casual commander games, card vendors and merch available for everyone.

CEDH Staples Series

Our CEDH Staples Series of events are designed to put actual CEDH cards into the hands of players. Our top prize in this event style will always be a handful of cards with one of them being a collectible centerpiece! 

Our supporting prizes will be from sets that contain playable CEDH cards instead of the most recent and cheap Standard set.

We take prize support seriously, that's why our CEDH Staples Series events will have the following prize structure: 
Champion: CEDH Staples Package of the event color
Top Pod: CEDH Staples of the corresponding color, roughly 2x the entry cost.
Top 16: A CEDH Staple of the color roughly equal to the entry cost

Every Player:: A small gift as a thanks for participating so that no player leaves Empty-Handed!

Prizes will scale based on participation, the more support we receive, the more we give back to you, the players!

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